Glacier Gals Highway Cleanup

GG Highway Cleanup Crew starting out from Glacier View Offices
L to R, Mibby Lewis, Doug Els, Mary B, Leanne Els, Ted Sammond, Linda Petrie, Beth Sammond, Jim Lyne, Jim Petrie

It’s a monthly event in the summer. Glacier Gals organize a crew to sweep the roadside along the buck-and-rail fencing that marks our neighborhood from Highway 74E, picking up the accumulated trash from wind and weather, travelers and uncovered truck loads.

It’s the unsung, even invisible maintenance work we do to keep our mountainside in its natural state, beautiful for us and for all our visitors. Linda Petrie has been organizing it since 2005, with Mary B participating in most of those years since then. Linda says, “Often, Jim and I would have the whole highway to do ourselves when Mary wasn’t available, so I put signs up at the mailboxes and in the ViewPoint, asking for help. Now we have a lot of helpers.”

Folks who’ve participated a year are given Highway Vultures visible-orange t-shirts.

“There’s a lot more trash this time than we usually see,” Beth said. “It’s been too many months since our last time out.”

Next month’s sweep is already planned. First Thursday of every month, until October. Everybody’s welcome–come and be a part of it. 8:30 am.

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