Hiking Trails Maps

Eastern system of trails in Glacier View Meadows.
Map of East Trail system, complements of Mike Keller.

The GVM Ecology Team has developed, created, and maintained a system of hiking trails for several decades now, beginning in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Howard and Mary Alice Evans first marked off Crellin Trail with signs showing interesting natural features, and an entire network has grown from those early days.

Comes now a new set of color-coded and annotated maps, prepared by the professional hand of GVM resident Mike Keller.

Look for trailheads, points of interest, and contour lines showing the underlying terrain.

Stairs constructed of stone, making their way up between massive granite stones, on Bear Cave Trail.

The annotated maps are available for download in high-resolution .pdf format on the gvmEcology website. With wifi access limited on the trail system itself, it can be helpful to the hiker to have easily-read maps as close as a mobile phone.

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