Board of Directors

In annual elections, Members of the Board are elected to two-year terms, with voting open to all members of the community. Every ownership parcel in Glacier View Meadows is represented by one vote.

Committed to our historical context and to our community ethic, the Board represents the wishes of its members, while exercising its best understanding of our covenants and bylaws. Board process is governed by Jeffrey Goldberg’s Rules of Order for Association Boards, and follows a well-accepted tradition of deep commitment to civility, common courtesy, and respect for wide range of backgrounds, views, and opinions. From our diversity we gain strength and wisdom.

All members of the Board are bound by a code of conduct carefully outlined in the Association By-Laws.

The successes of the Board flow from its long history of effective use of Committees, independent groups of our resident/members working together on common challenges with input and support from ex-officio members of the full Board of Directors. Dozens of neighbors serve on these committees in year-around and seasonal capacities, and membership is open to any resident–full or part-time–who wishes to serve.

The Board establishes policies, hires a professional Manager to oversee implementation of these policies, and provides the resources for staff to excel at their work with passion and generosity.

Monthly Board Meetings are open to the public, to visitors, and to all members of the Association.

Members of the Board of Directors for 2023-2024.

MemberEx-officioTerm ExpiresFiling HomeGVM Since
Don Herman, Chair2025*Ten2003
William Hobbs, ViceRules2025Six2019
Robert Lewis, SecretaryBudget and Finance2024Seven2021
Dan Barbour, TreasurerEcology2024*Two2013
Ed Bingham(interim)2024Two
Michael O’NeillArchitectural Review2024Two2017
Wayne SchroederNominating2025Two1988
* Re-elected from previous term.