Living in the mountains.

Glacier View Meadows is a residential community near the Arapahoe National Forest in Larimer County, northwest of Fort Collins, Colorado. With nearly 1000 ownership parcels covering 5000 acres of forest and mountain terrain, we live at 7000 to 9000 feet above sea level.

We’re a four-season world, with blue skies on more than 300 days a year. We share our world with all manner of Rocky Mountain wildlife and a variety of ecological niches–from open clearings with year-around wetlands and ancient aspen groves to seasonal streams in craggy canyons. Many of our properties are atop and astride pine-covered granite outcroppings, and our ethic calls for us to blend into these worlds as invisibly as we can. We value dark nights, quiet neighborhoods, slow driving.

Over our fifty-year history we’ve learned to balance our history and traditions with an openness to continued growth. Arriving here with us, you’re welcome to explore who we are and the way we live: how we manage our lives together, how we live with the natural world around us, and how we get along with each other.

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