Keeping in Touch

Most of us who move to a setting like Glacier View Meadows recognize that we are not by nature vastly social creatures. You’ll find more than the usual share of folks who know very well how to live within themselves, who find in quiet and privacy a world of interest, who relate with wildlife and forests and trails on an intimate basis.

If we wanted to have busy social lives, we probably would have chosen to remain in the cities and towns of the lower valley and plains. We’re not by nature country-club people.

Nevertheless, we all recognize the value of important community connections. In times of need–which given the nature of our wild setting come sometimes more often than we’d prefer–we know who we can rely on. We reach out to each other, we offer support, we share resources and comfort as they are needed.

Here are the ways we maintain a since of community, in balance with our comfort with privacy and independence.