Spring Snow.

Snow-covered road.
24 hours later, after two passes of the plow.
Ok, it’s almost 4am, but I think we’ve managed to keep the main roads open. 

It’s not all good news though. The courts will definitely all require digging out by heavy machines. This will be slow going. It could be Sunday, possibly even Monday before we have every court open.

Also, unfortunately John Becket had 2 of his 4 machines break down. So he’s got a bulldozer and front loader going out in the 12th filing, and we’re leaving the 12th for him to do.

That leaves us to do the entirely of the 9th filings, which means we will be even slower getting out there. Normally in these kinds of storm Becket does the 12th and the 9th, but with him at half capacity, we’ll have to take care of the 9th ourselves. Which will be slow.

We will not be working tonight, it’s getting unsafe for me and crew to go on a 3rd night with minimal rest. So we’ll get as long as we dare tonight and today, and then pick back up over the weekend as we can.

Be safe out there folks.


Maintaining the roads in our community is a year-round endeavor. This is for sure when we’re reminded we are mountain people.

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