Glacier Gals Activities

This year we are 53 members strong. Our elected leadership team is

  • Beth Sammond, President
  • Marty Anderson, Treasurer
  • Becky Weeder, Secretary and Past President
  • Lou Ann Tuzson, Historian

Events, Projects, and Programs.

Potluck Dinner

On the last Saturday of each month (except Nov. and Dec.) we sponsor a community wide potluck dinner.

We meet at 5:30 in the Community Room beneath the GVM office. Folks bring their own table service and a dish to share. Coffee and wine are available. We always have nice variety of delicious creations.

Welcome neighbors, newcomers and visitors. This is an excellent opportunity to meet and visit.

Holiday Party/Potluck

Glacier View Community Holiday Dinner and Gift Exchange are held at our Mountain Meetin’ in late December.

Each family is requested to bring a dish to share, as at regular potlucks, but this evening is complete with holiday decorations and a (one per person) gift exchange. Glacier Gals furnish Main course meats and beverages.

This is a chance to wear that special holiday sweater and join in the fun.

Pancake Breakfasts

Our Memorial and Labor Day pancake breakfasts are a longstanding tradition! They provide up the bulk of our fund raising income.

Glacier Gals, volunteered husbands and a host of other folks work together on all the jobs that make these breakfasts so successful. The “flipping” begins at 7:00 AM at our Mountain Meetin’ Place and continues until noon.

Just follow our large colorful signs on Highway 74E.

Community Work Day

Glacier Gals coordinates with Cavendar, GVM Manager. Once a year, a day is set aside – usually in August, to work on community wish list stuff.

GVM residents and property owners work together. Projects can include painting, trail maintenance, spring cleaning, road cleanup, fence repair and maybe a bit of office work.

This is a good way to participate and appreciate all types of work that is required in a community such as ours. The more helpers the better.

Glacier Gals provides a continental breakfast and sloppy joe lunch.

Dates and times are published in the Glacier Viewpoint, and notices are posted on the bulletin boards at the Office and near the mailbox delivery huts.

Field Trips

Glacier Gals try to get together about once a month to car pool and to go off on day long field trips.

The day will lunch somewhere and we make a day of fellowship and fun.

Our starting point is the Glacier View Office. Favorite places in the past have been…

Adopt -a- Highway

Glacier Gals organizes volunteers the first Thursday of warmer months to remove clutter along five miles of Highway 74E (Red Feather Lakes Road).

This is the stretch of road marked by our classic buck-and-rail fencing, bordering our home territory–Glacier View Meadows. We take care of our selves, thank you very much.

Signs telling of clean-up activities are posted as reminders, near our mailbox delivery huts.

We also do Fundraising.