Road & Recreation Association Documents

Glacier View Meadows Road & Recreation Association Articles of Incorporation1/29/1973Formally and legally establishes the Road & Recreation Association as a non-profit corporation with specific rights and responsibilities.
Protective and Design Covenants, Master Declaration for Glacier View Meadows11/2/1972Provides for the preservation of the values and amenities of Glacier View Meadows,
to establish standards, to insure the beauty and investment value of the area, provide for adequate management, and to provide for the maintenance of open spaces and common facilities.

It declares that all property owners are bound by the covenants. Many other legal rights, responsibilities, and provisions are also defined here.
Supplemental Declarations of Covenants1973 to 1981Created specifically for each filing (1-12) specifying additional requirements for road use, types of buildings, home occupations, trails, and horses.

Some of these documents also have additional Water & Sewer Association declarations.
By-Laws of Glacier View Meadows Road & Recreation AssociationRevised 6/29/2002Defining how the R&R Association will operate.

Topics include definitions, management structure and duties, membership rights, fees/penalties/assessments, meetings, By-Law amendments, and committees.
Rules and Regulations of Glacier View Road & Recreation AssociationRevised 2/2000Defining a number of general Association rules covering animals, campers/trailers, fishing, hunting, nuisances, fireworks, traffic, trash, and penalties.
Rules and Regulations of Glacier View Road & Recreation AssociationRevised 2/15/2003
As authorized by the Covenants, defines the role of the Architectural Review Committee and the responsibility of owners who are planning any type of construction.

Specifically covered are the application process, building types, materials, colors, fences, driveways, towers, RV’s, home-based businesses, property repair, vehicles, and violation enforcement.
Glacier View Road & Recreation Association Uniform Schedule of
4/25/1998Defining specific penalties applicable to a variety of violations.

Violations of Covenants, By-Laws, Rules & Regulations, and Architectural Rules are included