Covenant Enforcement Requests

Policy and Procedure for Member Complaints
Approved 4/20/02

  1. Member complaints are complaints concerning the action(s) or inaction of other members or of Association services. Included are the state of other members property, road conditions,
    weeds, domestic animals, water or sewer service, fishing abuse, careless driving, excess noise, etc. The office shall maintain complaint forms for member use, and all complaints must be
    filed with the GVM office. Any member, agent, agency, or staff member may file a complaint.
  2. When a complaint is filed, the Office staff will determine
    • a) the providing agency or office to process/investigate the complaint, and
      b) the degree of specificity needed to proceed with any action. (e.g. where, when, who, description(s), the rule being violated, and other pertinent facts).
    • Under no circumstances will the Association undertake any direct action to enforce another agency’s (state, county, etc.) rules. This will not prohibit the Association itself from filing a complaint with the appropriate authority if deemed appropriate.