Per the Glacier View Meadows water augmentation plan:
the use of water is restricted to domestic, in-house use only.
Yard irrigation and all uses other than in-house uses are prohibited.

Augumentation Horse Properties (pdf)

Augmentation Water Decree (pdf)

Water Drinking Quality Notification(s)
Important Legal Notification(s) to all W&S Members.

Focus on the Flush

image A diagram of your septic set up should be previously provided at the GVM Office.

Some systems may have two (2) leach fields and property owners may not be aware of how to maintain them. If you have a dual leach field, it should be switched every six (6) months to one (1) year. Glacier View owners use to have their own Association tank pumper to take care of the residents but don't anymore. The Office and the Larimer County Health Department recommends owners pumping your tank every three (3) years or less. When's the last time for you?