Per the Glacier View Meadows water augmentation plan:
the use of water is restricted to domestic, in-house use only.
Yard irrigation and all uses other than in-house uses are prohibited.

...Don Weixelman and his partners needed to obtain sufficient water to serve the about 6,000 acres, from which over a 1,000 lots in twelve filings were made - Glacier View Meadows -
..."An application was filed with the Colorado Water Court in the summer of 1973, and in the fall of 1975 the Court granted a water decree of seventy-five shares of water (underground) from the Cache la Poudre River in the Elkhorn and Gordon Creek drainages"...   from page 178, Among These Hills A History of Livermore, Colorado, By The Livermore Woman's Club

Did you know that the Poudre River remains as one of only a few free flowing rivers remaining?

Augumentation Horse Properties (pdf)

Augmentation Water Decree (pdf)

Water Drinking Quality Notification(s)
Important Legal Notification(s) to all W&S Members.