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photo courtesy of dwayne valentine There have been many reported incidents of Bears and Mountain Lions visiting peoples property, decks, and bird feeders.   They seem to be getting more familiar and less scared of people, which is not great news!  Don't feed the Bears.  Don't leave food, dogfood or garbage outside or near an accessible open door or window (screens will offer little protection if a bear can smell something to his liking).  Protect, monitor and educate children, guests, pets, etc.  Refer to the links in the mammals list which cover advice on living with Bears and Lions.

photo courtesy of ray

Glacier View Meadows (GVM) is rich in wildlife. Many of the birds, mammals etc. are unique to mountain communities such as GVM. Enjoyment of nature and its wildlife is an important element of mountain living but you should understand the hazards and your responsibilities before venturing forth. Please remember that wildlife is “wild” and, at times, can be dangerous to people or their pets even though they often act like “pets”. Young children are particularly vulnerable in the mountain terrain and habitat and need to be carefully monitored.It is also important to understand that feeding of some species can be harmful to them, illegal and may attract more formidable predators.You never know what you might be “inviting to dinner” – a bear, a mountain lion, a bobcat or a Department of Wildlife (DOW) agent!

photo courtesy of ray

Mountain Lion - There was a report in April 2007 that a Mountain Lion has been hanging around filing 7.