Contact the GVM Office for current slash pile hours and location

Phone: (970) 493-6812

Slash pile to open May 11, 2019 (Saturdays Only)

Slash Pile for Use by Glacier View Meadows Property Owners Only

Green Mountain Dr. and Parnassus Ct. – Filing 1
Hours of Operation:

Saturday 10am - 3pm
The following dates in May 11, 18, 25th
The hours will expand in June and will post a new location when this site fills.

The Following Rules Apply Without Exception

All Loads Subject to Inspection

Slash Only! Slash is tree waste LESS THAN SIX INCHES in diameter
Consisting of trunks, branches and limbs free of dirt.

Prohibited Material Includes:

For further information please contact GVM office 970-493-6812

~ Since 2016 the rules have changed in that you can no longer rake your pine needles and pine cones and take them to the slash for the annual prescribed burning. New members contact the Office if you are wanting to harvest any firewood from the Slash. picture picture