Road and Recreation Association Budget Committee

Management's discussion and analysis of its business along with the company's financial statements for the year are reviewed and considered. The budgets and the long-term budget plans are presented via management to property owners via the annual Glacier View Point prior to the Annual Meeting. Budgets are approved by the respective Boards.    Income statements show the Associations' recorded revenue and expenses over the past year in broad categories, and annual reports for previous years are considered for comparison purposes so you can do your own charting for budget history.      Click here for Water and Sewer financial information

Road & Recreation Budget Committee Mission Statement :
1. The Budget Committee will be composed of between 3 and 5 members at the discretion of the Chairman.
2. In order to meet its responsibility of developing and submitting a consolidated budget to the Board for its approval no less than four months prior to the Annual Meeting the following shall take place:
  1. The Committee Chairman will decide on the place and time for the Committee meetings keeping in the mind the date by which the new proposed budget should be submitted to the Board.
  3. Prior to the Budget Committee meetings the Chairman will ask the Association Manager and Bookkeeper to make sure the R&R Association financial records are up to date for the month ending prior to the meeting.
  5. The financial documents shall show actual to date, budget to date and an estimate for each Income and Expense line item as to what is reasonably expected to happen to the end of the fiscal year.
  7. The Committee will ask the Board for any input they would like the Committee to consider as the new proposed budgets are prepared as well as any ideas, suggestions and concerns that have been brought to the Board or the Committee from other Association Members.
  9. The Budget Committee shall review all information submitted to them from any source for accuracy. The Committee shall listen to the Manager's recommendation for the various Income and Expense and Reserve items for the next fiscal year and ask whatever questions necessary to determine the accuracy and reasonableness of the Manager's recommendations.
  11. The Budget Committee shall use all of the information submitted to them from any source to determine the best Normal and Essential (if needed) Budget for the next fiscal year as well as a 3 to 5 year long term budget.
  13. Each member of the Budget Committee will sign the proposed Budget and submit it to the Board for approval.
  15. If the Board will not approve the proposed Budget, the Budget Committee will work with the Board to arrive at a budget that is acceptable to both.