Regular scheduled monthly meetings of the Road & Recreation Board members are held at the Glacier View Meadows Homeowner's Association Office, currently on the 3rd Wednesday of the calendar month at 3:00 PM. You should check postings at the Office, or view the Calendar in this website or the Community Calendar in the most recent Glacier Viewpoint Newsletter as a guideline for meeting dates. The minutes of Road & Recreation Board Meetings are here and furnished by the Office. You will have to contact the Office for any referenced attachments and for the official Board Meeting minutes. A listing of the current Board Members and their listed duties are available below. You might wish to attend some meetings to find out more about the Glacier View Meadows Home Owner's Associations.

- Blast From the Past -


Quotations from previous
Glacier View Newsletter From Glacier Viewpoint April 1997

*   Please remember that on our mountain roads that there are
*   speed limits posted for optimal weather conditions.
*   Keeping your speed down helps with road maintenance and safety conditions.

Blueball.gif (140 bytes) May 2019 Joint Meeting 05/15/2019 draft
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) May 2019 Meeting 5/15/2019 draft
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) April 2019 Joint Meeting 04/17/2019 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) April 2019 Meeting 4/17/2019 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) March 2019 Joint Meeting 03/20/2019 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) March 2019 Meeting 3/20/2019 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) February 2019 Joint Meeting 02/20/2019 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) January 2019 Meeting 1/16/2019 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes)      
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) December 2018 * Special Meeting 12/05/2018 * Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) November 2018 Meeting 11/14/2018 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) October 2018 Joint Meeting 10/17/2018 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) September 2018 Meeting 9/19/2018 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) August 2018 Joint Meeting 08/15/2018 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) August 2018 Meeting 8/15/2018 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) July 2018 Joint Meeting 07/18/2018 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) June 2018 Annual Joint Meeting of the Associations 06/23/2018 draft
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) May 2018 Meeting 5/16/2018 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) April 2018 Meeting 4/18/2018 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) March 2018 Joint Meeting 03/21/2018 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) February 2018 Meeting 2/21/2018 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) January 2018 Meeting 1/17/2018 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes)      
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) November 2017 Joint Meeting 11/15/2017 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) October 2017 Joint Meeting 10/18/2017 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) October 2017 Meeting 10/18/2017 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) September 2017 Meeting 09/20/2017 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) August 2017 Meeting 08/16/2017 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) July 2017 Joint Meeting 07/19/2017 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) June 2017 Annual Joint Meeting of the Associations 06/24/2017 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) May 2017 Meeting 05/17/2017 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) April 2017 Joint Meeting 04/19/2017 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) April 2017 Meeting 04/19/2017 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) March 2017 Meeting 03/15/2017 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) March 2017 * Special Meeting 03/09/2017 * Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) February 2017 Meeting 02/15/2017 Approved
Blueball.gif (140 bytes) January 2017 Meeting 01/18/2017 Approved

The current members and duties of the R&R Board are:

President - Don Herman
  The President shall be the administrative officer for the Association and is a consultant (advisor) for all committees, able to attend and advise without voting privilege.
  The duties of the President shall include:
  1. Preside as Chair at all Board meetings.
  2. Monitor the activities of the Board.
  3. Monitor the progress of Association projects and functions.
  4. Subject to Board approval of its members, appoint the chairpersons of all committees.

Vice President - David Birks
  The Vice President shall, when necessary, fulfill the duties of the President, serve as ex-officio member of specified committees as appointed by the Board, and assist the President as may be requested.
  The duties shall include:
  1. Monitor the business and financial activities of the Association.
  2. Monitor Board compliance with the By-laws, official policies and rules.
  3. Monitor the progress of committee projects and functions.
  4. Serve as an ex-officio member of the Rules Committee.

Secretary - Jim Casadevall
  The Secretary will administer the preparation, availability and maintenance of all official documentation and records; ensure member access to non-privileged documentation; and administer the release of Association information to any external entity.
  The duties of the Secretary shall include:
  1. Ensure the preparation and accuracy of the minutes of Board or Association meetings.
  2. Ensure the timely posting of appropriate business notices.
  3. Ensure the proper filing and archiving of critical records.
  4. Advise the Board of documentation requirements for proposed activities or projects and ensure that existing documents are controlled, reviewed and updated to comply with current practices.
  5. Select an Assistant Secretary and oversee this personís activities, if such selection is desired and feasible.

Treasurer - Linda Petrie
  The Treasurer will administer the financial activity and accountability of the Association; prepare financial status reports for Board meetings; administer the budgeting process; and oversee the notice of and collection of all assessments.
  The duties of the Treasurer shall include:
  1. Assure the performance of the Association accountant and bookkeeper.
  2. Assure the control and validity of disbursements.
  3. Assure the deposit of funds into appropriate accounts.
  4. Ensure the timely preparation of annual financial reports for the Association.
  5. Advise the Board on issues relating to fluidity and growth of Association funds.
  6. Serve as an ex-officio member of the Budget Committee.
  7. Select an Assistant Treasurer and oversee this person's activities, if such selection is desired and feasible.

Director - Jenny Rogers