Road & Recreation Association
General Information

Glacier View Meadows is co-owned by the Glacier View Meadows property owners. The Covenants and Rules are managed by 5 volunteer Road and Recreation Association Board members, 5 volunteer Water and Sewer Association Board members, and a paid staff, and all the property owners.

Road & Recreation Articles of Incorporation - 1/29/1973
This document formally and legally establishes the Road & Recreation Association as a non-profit corporation with specific rights and responsibilities.

Protective and Design Covenants, Master Declaration, and Supplemental Covenants for filings 1-12 - ( 4mb pdf )
The Master Declaration of Protective and Design Covenants were issued on November 2, 1972 and were amended and renewed on August 4,1992.(The general purpose of this document is to provide for the preservation of the values and amenities of Glacier View Meadows, to establish standards, to insure the beauty and investment value of the area, provide for adequate management, and to provide for the maintenance of open spaces and common facilities. It declares that all property owners are bound by the covenants. Many other legal rights, responsibilities, and provisions are also defined here.

By-Laws of Glacier View Meadows Road & Recreation Association
(This document defines how the R&R Association will operate. Topics include definitions, management structure and duties, membership rights, fees/penalties/assessments, meetings, By-Law amendments, and committees.)

    New By-Laws - 2015
    Revised 6/20/2015
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    Previous By-Laws - 6/29/02
    Revised 6/29/2002

Road & Recreation Policies, Procedures, and Forms
These documents define a number of general Association rules covering animals, campers/trailers, fishing, hunting, nuisances, fireworks, traffic, trash, and penalties, Violations of Covenants, By-Laws, Rules & Regulations, and Architectural Rules are included. The uniform schedule of penalties were formed for Violations of the Road & Recreation Associaton By-laws, Protective Covenants, Rules and Regulations.

Road & Recreation Financial Information
Links to various Road & Recreation budgets, billing policy, insurance and GVM dues structure, etc.

  Minutes of recent Road & Recreation Board Meetings.   image


Road Maintenance: Snow Plowing, Sanding, Grading and Shoveling Mail Boxes picture

Glacier View Meadows Road & Rec. Committees

There are communities similiar in Colorado and these others are commonly referred to as Covenant Controlled Subdivisions, Common Interest Ownerships, and/or Homeowners’ Associations (HOA). The portion of the Colorado Revised Statutes that applies to the government and operation of common interest communities like Glacier View Meadows is called the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act or CCIOA.
Additional links are provided below for information concerning covenants and associations in Colorado and other states. Feel free to use these links or to do your own research.

Colorado Homeowners Association Law

Rules of Order for Association Boards by: Jeffrey A. Goldberg

GVM Rules for OHV's (Off-Highway Vehicles).

A friendly reminder to ALL GVM residents and visitors that OHV of any type not permitted on any of the Association Greenbelts.

The R&R Board of Directors has approved rules for OHV's (all-terrain vehicles (ATV), motorbikes, snowmobiles, 4-wheeler, 3-wheeler, 2-wheeler etc.).   These rules require that all OHV's, which are operated on GVM roads must be registered with the Association and that they must display the required registration plate and flag.  The new rules were effective on 10/1/04. Please click below for the approved versions of:

OHV Rules and Regulations
OHV Registration Form