Glacier View Meadows Recycling is COOL!

The recycle container is located next to the Glacier Gals aluminum area drop off site.

Be aware that no Fritos or Cheetos or potato chip bags or anything similiar allowed in the recycle chain.

Please click here for the Glacier View Meadows Drop-off Recycling Rules (pdf)



no plastic
Plastic bags could jeopardize recycling programs.

Why can’t I put bags in the Recycling Bin?

If plastic bags are placed in the recycling, it is bad for a few reasons. First, bags cause problems during the sorting process and they customarily end up in a landfill. If recyclable containers and paper are tied up in plastic bags it causes a hold up at the sorting facility, as the bags travel down the conveyor belt, the workers must tear open the bag, tip the items out, and throw the plastic bag in the trash chute.

If plastic bags get past the human sorters and go through the sorting equipment, they cause mechanical issues, clogging the sorting screens and getting wrapped around the equipment. When they cut the bags out manually at the end of each day, they are not recycled and go in the trash and eventually land at a landfill.

For the same reason the GVM recycle program doesn’t accept corrugated cardboard, bags filled with recycles take up too much room. Please take the time to empty out the contents and reuse or throw the bag into the trash. County Solid Waste is trying it's best to keep costs down so this service may continue. With the rising costs it's important that every effort is made to make sure we keep these costs down as much as possible. A big part of keeping costs down is making sure the box sent to the recycling center is completely full with very little air space.

Most grocery stores will recycle plastic bags.

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