Rules Committee Charter
Rules of Order for Association Boards, Edition 1.1 by: Jeffrey A. Goldberg

R&R Bylaws
W&S Bylaws

Management Audit Procedure

Mgt. Audit Report for R&R - 2001/2002, dated 1/8/02
Mgt. Audit Report for W&S, dated 1/8/02
Mgt. Audit Report  for R&R and W&S - 2002/2003, dated 11/22/02   
Mgt. Audit Action Plan  for R&R and W&S Audit, dated 11/22/02   
Mgt. Audit Report and Plan for R&R Board - 2002/2003, dated 12/14/02 
Mgt. Audit Follow-up for 2002/2003 R&R, W&S Audits, dated 6/30/03