See Appendix A for current years members.


The Glacier View Meadows Rules Committee is a Joint Standing Committee, which has been appointed by the R&R and W&S Board of Directors. Its primary responsibilities are defined in the By-laws of both Associations (reference Articles 10.1 and 10.1.A). These responsibilities include:

1. Administration of the By-laws, Rules and Regulations, Uniform Schedule of Penalties, Policies and Procedures. In the case of the Policies and Procedures, the Committee will recommend or suggest the documents that should be in place but it will be the responsibilities of the respective Boards to assign, prioritize, schedule and ensure the execution of the writing /approval of these documents

2. To ensure that a Management Audit is carried out between October 1 and December 15 of the fiscal year and that a summary of the results is presented to the membership at the Annual Meeting.

3. To act as the consultant/advisor to the Boards for interpretation of the By-laws, Rules and Regulations and other official Association documents.

4. To appoint and ensure the training of certain rules committee members who will serve to interpret and mediate Goldberg’s Rules of Order for the Associations.

Authority: The Rules Committee has the following authority:

1. To be informed and consulted on all releases, changes or interpretations of rules, regulations, policies, procedures and related documentation.

2. To be provided reasonable time with the Boards, Management and Staff of the Associations to enable a timely execution of the Management Audit.

3. To request an Action Plan from the Boards that properly addresses any non-compliances stemming from the Management Audit.


1. Provide and record any interpretations of the By-laws, Rules and Regulations required by the Boards.

2. Ensure that the By-laws, Rules and Regulations and Uniform Schedule of Penalties are current and available.

3. Execute the Management Audit

a. Document an audit procedure

b. Provide an audit checklist

c. Select and train auditors

d. Complete the audit by December 15 (assuming Board obligations are met) and write the Audit Report.

e. Approve the Action Plans submitted by the Boards and complete any follow-up audits required to verify effective implementation of the Action Plans.

f. Provide and present a Summary Report for the Annual Meeting.

4. Define the official version of Goldberg’s Rules of Order to be used by the Associations for the current year.

5. Identify and train committee members to serve as "Member Parliamentarians" for Meetings of the Association and the Boards, as required.

6. Define and document specified Policies and Procedures as requested by the Boards and agreed upon by the Rules Committee.

Jim Chisholm, 7/27/01, (updated 11/4/02)

Appendix A - Members for 2002/2003

Jim Chisholm, Chairman
B.J. Buhrman
Chris Crumblis
Lynn Johnson (W&S)
Larry Peterson (R&R)
Joe Schroedl