Colorado State Parks

Glacier View Meadows, Rules and Regulations for Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) - this includes All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), Dune Buggies, Jeeps (operated off-road), three-wheelers, four-wheelers, snowmobiles, and dirt bikes.)

  The Rules Committee developed a proposal for a set of Policies and Regulations for use of OHV’s (Off Highway Vehicles) on 12/23/02.  The proposal was formally presented to the R&R Board for approval and was also made available to the membership on the Glacier View Meadows Website for member comments/suggestions.  Although no adverse comments were received from members, the Board took no action to finalize the plan and enact the Policies and Regulations.  This current set of Rules and Regulations was developed by an OHV Special Committee established by the R&R Board at the July, 2004 Meeting.

GOALS   We want to continue to allow our members, their families and guests to enjoy the responsible use of OHV’s on Glacier View’s private roads.  We want to ensure that regulations exist that promote safety, increased awareness and individual responsibility of our entire membership for the safe operation of these vehicles.  We want these policies and regulations to impose minimal restrictions on members, but yet to identify, remedy and penalize offenses so that stricter regulations can be avoided in the future. 

REFERENCES   We have referred to the US Forest Service OHV Regulations in Colorado, the Crystal Lakes ATV Policy, the GVM Rules Committee Initial Proposal for OHV Regulations, the inputs from an open discussion of OHV Regulations at the 12/14/02 R&R Board Meeting.


The following Rules and Regulations apply to any OHV, which is used or operated on any GVM road or property other than the owner’s lot.  The term, OHV is defined as any motorized vehicle, which is not licensed or registered for highway operation.

  1. Any OHV that is used on GVM roads must be registered annually at the Association Office.  This registration will require a nominal registration fee; the property owners signature to accept responsibility for proper and safe operation of the vehicle, training of all operators regarding safety and regulations, reading of regulations and prescribed safety information, etc.

  2. All OHV’s must display an “international orange” pennant (flag) on a high pole.

  3. All OHV’s must properly display the prescribed registration plate, which clearly identifies by number and/or symbols the property owner who is responsible for the OHV.

  4. All OHV’s must have the basic equipment required, if applicable, by the USFS for safety, fire protection and noise abatement.

  5. All OHV’s must operate on GVM Roads and the property of the registered owner and stay off Association Greenbelts (unless specifically identified for OHV use), and private property of others unless specifically granted permission.

  6. Complaints against offending OHV’s will be recorded using the Association’s Complaint Process, which requires a completed complaint form.  Emergency complaints, that involve imminent safety, property damage or other urgent issues can be phoned into the Association Office, or directly to the Sheriff’s Office, for urgent action.  Complaint form follow-up will be required.
    Certain complaints will also be referred to the Sheriff’s Office for appropriate action and a Larimer County Sheriff’s Deputy may initiate reporting and direct action against anyone that violates these or County rules and regulations.

  7. Penalties will normally be assessed by the R&R Association for violations as follows:
    1st Offense:  Warning,
    2nd Offense:  $ 10 Fine,
    3rd Offense:  $ 25 Fine,
    4th Offense:  $ 50 Fine,
    5th Offense:  Loss of Privilege for up to 1 year,
    Any violation during “loss of privilege” will be $150 per offense plus continuation of “loss of privilege”.

    Note:  The R&R Board reserves the authority to suspend use privileges for serious offenses or to impose other penalties if other Association rules, covenants or policies are violated.


Approved by R&R Board, by motion, on 8/18/04