I ____________________________(print name) request registration of my ______(type) OHV and as a Glacier View Meadows Association member in good standing, I agree to abide by the following rules, regulations and suggestions for the safe and courteous use of the association roadways.



The following Rules and Regulations apply to any OHV which is used or operated on any GVM road or property other than the owners lot. The term, OHV is defined as any motorized vehicle, which is not licensed or registered for highway operation.


1.      Any OHV that is used on GVM roads must be registered annually at the Association Office.

2.      All OHVís must display an ďinternational orangeĒ pennant(flag) on a high pole.

3.      All OHVís must visiblydisplay the GVM registration plate on the rear of the OHV.

4.      All OHVís must have the basic equipment required, if applicable, by the USFS for safety, fire protection and noise abatement.

5.      All OHVís must operate only on GVM roads and the property of the registered owner.

6.      All OHVís must stay off Association Greenbelts(unless specifically identified for OHV use).

7.      All OHVís must stay off private property of others unless specifically granted written permission by the registered owner.

8.      All OHVís must obey posted traffic signs.

9.      All OHVís must surrender right-of-way to all vehicles licensed by the State for highway use.


I understand that GVM roads are private and are maintained by the Association for the use by all member and I will be responsible for the safe and courteous use of my OHV by myself or anyone I authorize to operate it.I will be responsible for operational and safety training of anyone operating my OHV and release the Glacier View Meadows Association from any and all liability resulting from the use of this OHV. I am also aware that the State of Colorado does not allow OHVís on county roads (ie Eiger Rd.).






Owners Signature __________________________Date ___________ Plate No.__________