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...Don Weixelman and his partners needed to obtain sufficient water to serve the about 6,000 acres, from which over a 1,000 lots in twelve filings were made - Glacier View Meadows -
..."An application was filed with the Colorado Water Court in the summer of 1973, and in the fall of 1975 the Court granted a water decree of seventy-five shares of water (underground) from the Cache la Poudre River in the Elkhorn and Gordon Creek drainages"...   from page 178, Among These Hills A History of Livermore, Colorado, By The Livermore Woman's Club

Did you know that the Poudre River remains as one of only a few free flowing rivers remaining?

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These items were recently updated or added:

GVM Fire pit specifications policy and open fires ban (pdf)

filing 7 adjacent to open area

Folks, when does one's recreation override the peace and safety of a Glacier View Meadows filing? This brand new fire pit, adjacent to filing 7 grasslands open area that support Lake Crellin, constructed big enough to accept items what our slash pile will not accept, by two new residents on June 23, 2023, the non-windy late afternoon before the Glacier View Meadows annual meeting and the fire wise meeting. No notification to the 7th filing, no flag indicating an approved pit, and the new residence priority, build a permanent fire pit, not a dog run, not a garage, and in a windy area within a community water system that cannot keep up with the residence population growth, and the GVM water truck has provided the community water.

Hard to escape from way in the back of Glacier View Meadows, next to the 500 acre forested ranch, and far from reliable cell phone service, blah, blah, blah.

(Webmaster Ray rambles)

Life is not easy living and when you see something, say something or tell on your neighbor or not, to the GVM that breaks their own rules and thus, already endangers us, all. Breaking rules is artificial intelligence, some cannot imagine what is going to happen, only that there has been a change and we change because others change, not always because we want to.

This is a fire safety issue and a lasting neighborhood peace requires sacrifice and day-by-day decisions. Is this another neighbor's improvement that will up property tax, or is this something that will cause everyone's fire insurance to go up because it is...inevitable ?

When does one's recreation override the sleeping peace and safety of a whole Glacier View Meadows community that has been evacuated and burned due to wild fires, and smoke? The fed is not responsible, the state is not responsible, the county is not responsible, the GVM fire district is not responsible, GVM is not responsible.

Time, the final frontier. It is time for the webmaster to step away from the website job that I inherited from a guy named Jim.


Consolidated Rules and Regulations (pdf)

You can get an updated "The Home Ignition Zone" guide book from the Colorado State Forest Service. Check out their website online

Local Community Resources Directory

    June 31, 2023 - * Special Meeting *(draft pdf)  image 

Summer 2023 ViewPoint - Annual Meeting Notification (PDF)

ARC Rules & Regulations ( pdf)

Slash Pile Open

Slash Pile for Use by Glacier View Meadows Owners Only
Location: Start at Gate 3 (Mount Moriah Road) Continue straight about mile to the location.

Potential Spring 2023 slash pile burn (pdf)

   Glacier Gals aluminum recycle

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Business Meetings are usually held the third Wednesday of most months. Agendas are posted on community bulletin boards, a minimum of two days prior to the meeting.

The Water & Sewer business meeting begins at 3:00pm. The Road and Recreation business meeting is immediately after the Water & Sewer meeting. The Glacier View Members are invited and encouraged to attend meetings. The business boards values public participation in its meetings and sets aside time towards the end of each meeting to receive public input (3 minutes per person). Business meeting minutes are available on line. Please see pagelinks provided.

Members are invited to call or email the Office, to discuss a topic they want brought to the respective business attention at or please phone 970-493-6812.

Meetings are usually held the third Wednesday of most months. Agendas are posted on community bulletin boards, a minimum of two days prior to the meeting.

Policy for Enforcement of Covenants and Rules (pdf)

Policy for Collection of unpaid assessments (pdf)

Policy for conducting Association meetings (pdf)

Click here for Community Resources Directory printable pdf version (revised August 2022)
Drinking Water Quality Report for Calendar Year 2021 (pdf)
Water& Sewer independent CPA review - 2020-2021 (Adobe Acrobat .pdf version)
Road & Recreation independent CPA review - 2020-2021 (Adobe Acrobat .pdf version)

   Procedure for Charging Individual Homeowners for Water Leaks

For recent community supported local social news contact the Office or online some world wide web participants visit and share comments on an online Nextdoor link -- for more information @

    N-40 Mountain Alliance   Website for communities

   Water Augmentation
   OHV Rules

   Dear Glacier View Meadows Property Owner: