Glacier View Meadows Homeowners' Association

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...Don Weixelman and his partners needed to obtain sufficient water to serve the about 6,000 acres, from which over a 1,000 lots in twelve filings were made - Glacier View Meadows -
..."An application was filed with the Colorado Water Court in the summer of 1973, and in the fall of 1975 the Court granted a water decree of seventy-five shares of water (underground) from the Cache la Poudre River in the Elkhorn and Gordon Creek drainages"...   from page 178, Among These Hills A History of Livermore, Colorado, By The Livermore Woman's Club

Did you know that the Poudre River remains as one of only a few free flowing rivers remaining?

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These items were recently updated or added:

    February 15, 2023 - Meeting of the Associations' Boards (draft pdf)  image 

Potential Spring 2023 slash pile burn (pdf)

Glacier Viewpoint Spring 2023

interesting image Road & Recreation Snowplowing Procedure (pdf) interesting image

Policy for Enforcement of Covenants and Rules (pdf)

Policy for Collection of unpaid assessments (pdf)

Policy for conducting Association meetings (pdf)

ARC Rules & Regulations ( pdf) - FYI - revised revised ARC Rules and Regulations per board motion on 07/20/22. They changed the 6-12 roof requirement to 5-12 and are no longer requiring roof lines to be broken up

Colorado reminds us do not feed the wildlife, thus attracting and putting us all at risk

Click here for Community Resources Directory printable pdf version (revised August 2022)
Drinking Water Quality Report for Calendar Year 2021 (pdf)
Water& Sewer independent CPA review - 2020-2021 (Adobe Acrobat .pdf version)
Road & Recreation independent CPA review - 2020-2021 (Adobe Acrobat .pdf version)

   Procedure for Charging Individual Homeowners for Water Leaks

GVM Fire pit specifications policy and open fires ban (pdf)

You can get an updated "The Home Ignition Zone" guide book from the Colorado State Forest Service. Check out their website online

   Glacier Gals aluminum recycle

For recent community supported local social news contact the Office or online some world wide web participants visit and share comments on an online Nextdoor link -- for more information @



Seen within the busy sky roads over Glacier View Meadows

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    N-40 Mountain Alliance   Website for communities

   Water Augmentation
   OHV Rules

   Dear Glacier View Meadows Property Owner: