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Daylight Saving Time Begins March 10

The next Water & Sewer and Road and Recreation Board meetings are scheduled to be held on 03/20/2019 at the Glacier View Meadows office. The Water & Sewer Board Meeting begins at 3:00pm. The Road and Recreation Board Meeting is immediately after the Water & Sewer meeting.    Glacier View Members are invited and encouraged to attend. The Board highly values public participation in its meetings and sets aside time towards the end of each meeting to receive public input (3 minutes per person). Board meeting minutes are available on line. Please see pagelinks provided below.

Members are invited to call or email Larry, the Glacier View Manager, to discuss a topic they want brought to the Boards attention at or please phone 970-493-6812.

Board Meetings are usually held the third Wednesday of most months. Agendas are posted on community bulletin boards, a minimum of two days prior to the meeting.

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These items were recently updated or added:

   Water and Sewer independent CPA review - 2017-2018 (Adobe Acrobat .pdf version)

   Local Community Resource Directory

    Road & Recreation Board Minutes  image 
    Water & Sewer Board Minutes

   Road Maintenance: Snow Plowing, Sanding, Grading and Shoveling Mail Boxes

   Road & Recreation independent CPA review - 2017-2018 (Adobe Acrobat .pdf version)

   Winter Community Calendar

   Winter 2018 Glacier View Meadows Viewpoint
 Viewpoint Editor - Phyllis Field

The latest road conditions can be obtained by dialing 511

    Budget for Water & Sewer 2018-2019 (pdf version)
    Budget for Road & Recreation 2018-2019 (pdf version)
    Billing Policy and Dues Structure - 2018 (pdf version)

    Annual Meeting
    Revision to ARC Rules & Reg
    GVM Grievance Page
    Recycling Station

    2018 Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report for Calendar Year 2017 (pdf)

    N-40 Mountain Alliance   New website for communities

   Independant CPA Review Report for Road and Recreation
   Independant CPA Review Report for Water and Sewer
   Water Augmentation

   Updated Internet Broadband Tips from the committee:   

OHV Rules

Dear Glacier View Meadows Property Owner:

Procedure for Charging Individual Homeowners for Water Leaks