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Get Involved. Candidates needed for Volunteers. Contact the Office to find out about new opportunities. Committees are made up of volunteer Glacier View members that are, per the rules, "appointed" by the R&R and/or W&S Boards.   The Policy for Committees describes the overall structure and requirements for our committees.

ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW:   Through the Road & Recreation Covenants, the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) was created to maintain a style and nature of building design that is architecturally harmonious with the physical character of Glacier View Meadows. These rules and regulations apply to all new and existing construction, lot development, and structural plans for adherence to the Covenants.   Any construction needs to be approved by the ARC. Building applications are obtained at the GVM Office.  The committee consists of members that meet on the second Wednesday of every month 3:00 P.M. at the Association Office. Please let the Office know that you plan to attend the meeting so that they may pass the information along.

BUDGET:   There are two committees, one for the Road and Recreation (R&R) Association and one for the Water and Sewer Association (W&S).  Each committee member is expected to contribute to help prepare a budget each spring for the up coming fiscal year.   If you care about where your money is going, this is the committee for you! Road & Recreation Budget Committee   Water & Sewer Budget Committee

ECOLOGY:    Click here and you will be opening up a new browser page and leaving the GVM site for a more complete committee site. Ecology committee provides information to homeowners regarding ecological issues as well as taking care of our trails.  The Crellin Canyon trail has seasonal waterfalls and Crellin Lake is full. Information is distributed through the website, new homeowners packets, brochures, special mailings, Glacier Viewpoints , workshops, etc.  Meetings are generally held monthly, April through October..

FISHING:    This Committee suggests stocking schedules, habitat, and hosts the annual kids fishing derby. Also provides information to homeowners regarding fishing issues.

NOMINATING:   Who is on it and how does it work? How can a member nominate someone they think should be a worthy Board member? Join the committee!

RECREATION:   This committee is the committee that should assess the recreation needs and expectations of the entire membership community for programs, facilities, equipment, etc. that will provide a benefit to the GVM Community as a whole.

RULES:   This joint R&R and W&S standing committee is primarily responsible for areas related to Rules & Regulations, Policies and Procedures, Interpretation of By-laws, Conducting and reporting on an annual Management Audit, Rules Enforcement issues, Rules of Order for Board, financial and property audits, Association Meetings, etc. You have to ask the Office who is on this "committee".

SIA MANAGEMENT GROUP:  Was appointed by the Larimer County Board of County Commissioners to oversee the liquidation of collateral properties and completion of the improvements in Glacier View to the extent possible.  What does this mean? Who the heck is on this committee and what the heck does this committee do? Please contact the Office is you want to know if the committee still meets the first Thursday of every month at 9:00 A.M. at Larimer County Planning Department.  SIA Group

If you are interested in serving on a committee please contact the committee or Glacier View Office for information or sign up at the Annual Meeting.