Management Audit Follow-up for R&R and W&S 2002/2003 on 6/20/03

A follow-up audit was completed on 6/20/03 at 9:00AM in the Associations Office. The purpose was to determine if the R&R and W&S Boards and Association Office Staff had completed the Action Plans stemming from the Management Audits of 11/22/02 and 12/14/02.
Present were: Jim Chisholm (Lead Auditor for R&R), B.J. Buhrman (Lead Auditor for W&S), Kent Christen (Mgr. And host), Betsy Hackman.



1. Documentation: A Master List was available but it was not dated or otherwise identified to tell whether it was the most current version. Many key Association Documents had no dates to signify when they were written and no indication of Board approval. Job Descriptions have been updated so that all current Jobs have Job Descriptions but no Board approval is indicated for these Job Descriptions. The ARC Rules & Regs. had the wrong dates on the Master List

Conclusion: Although much progress has been made on documentation and the Master List, key Association Documents have not been approved per the action plan date of 3/31/03. Non-compliance still open.

2. Committees: Charters and member lists were available for most Committees. Charters were not dated on the Master List to provide version control for Charters. Recreation Committee Charter is still not approved by Board and no member list was available. No Nominating Committee had been formed per Bylaw requirements. This is a major non-compliance since the Nominating Committee is a mandated Standing Committee and has a key role to identify and screen candidates for Board Positions and to run the elections at the annual meeting. New Non-compliance.

3. Key Processes: Two of the four Processes required by Bylaws article 5.1.2.N have been properly defined and documented (funding/collection and complaints), however the other two processes have not been properly implemented (safety inspections and maintenance of roads and common areas (greenbelts, etc.) have not been defined and supported with proper record-keeping. Reports from members who have made formal complaints indicate that no action has been taken on their complaints. Non-compliance still open.

4. Board Motions: Board and staff actions have taken place to improve the validity and accuracy of recorded Board Motions. Non-compliance closed.
5. Procedure for Annual Meeting: The action plan called for the completion of a procedure for the Annual Meeting by 5/15/03. No procedure was available. Non-compliance still open.

Summary: The Action Plans that were approved by the R&R and W&S Boards to address the non-compliances identified in the management Audits of 11/22/02 and 12/14/02 have not been fully and effectively executed. The new Boards (2003-2004) must address these remaining issues with a new action plan.

Submitted by Jim Chisholm and B.J. Buhrman on 6/30/03, verbal report presented at Annual Meeting on 6/28/03.