Submitted December 2002/Approved 2/15/03


            As required by the By-Laws, signed into effect on 23 June 2001, the following document, herein called the Charter, is submitted to the Glacier View Road and Recreation Association Board of Directors by the Architectural Review Committee, herein called the Committee.  The purpose of the Charter is to set the scope of operation and the internal operating policies and procedures of the Architectural Review Committee.

            Enabling and Governing Documents.  The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) was established and its responsibilities defined by the original Covenants of the Association.  Subsequently, the Amended Master Declaration for Glacier View Meadows, dated August 4, 1992, expanded the duties of the Committee, clarified its responsibilities, and enabled its future operation in Section IV of the Master Declaration.  In 2001, the ACC formally transferred its responsibilities and authority to the Glacier View Road and Recreation Board of Directors.  Correspondingly, the 2001 revised By-Laws of the Road and Recreation Association established the Architectural Review Committee as a standing committee of the Road and Recreation Board.

            Operational Document.  The Architectural Review Committee uses as its guiding document the most recent revision of the Architectural Rules and Regulations of Glacier View Meadows.  At this writing the most recent revision is that of December 2002. complaints brought to the General Manager and Committee members by the membership, as well as plans for proposed alterations and/or new structures

            Scope of Authority.  The Architectural Review Committee is charged with approving all proposed new structures and alterations thereto in Glacier View Meadows.  It is also charged with reviewing complaints and possible violations of all Rules related to the architectural structures and their immediate environment on a property, which include grading, drainage, temporary residences, home-based businesses, signs, fences, outdoor lighting, storage of vehicles, property repair and other possible public nuisances.  The Committee will not deal with ecologically-related nuisance problems, including overgrazing, mistletoe and pine beetle infestations and weed control.  The Committee receives its authority by assignment by the Glacier View Road and Recreation Board of Directors.

            Committee Membership:  The Architectural Review Committee will consist of at least 3 (three) members that are appointed annually at the first regular meeting of the New Glacier View Meadows Board of Directors after the annual meeting.  It is advisable that at all times at least one committee member be an architect or a contractor who is familiar with standard building practices.  The General Manager will be an ex-officio member of the Committee and will work closely and cooperatively with the Committee and its members.

            Procedures of Committee Operation:

1.      The Committee will select from among its members a Chairman and Vice-Chairman.  The Chairman will call all Committee meetings and report its deliberations, findings, recommendations, and other business to the Glacier View Road and Recreation Association Board of Directors at their monthly meeting.  The Vice-Chairman will act in the Chairman’s absence.

2.      Meetings will be held monthly, at this writing on the first Wednesday of the month, and at least 7 working days in advance of the monthly Board meeting.  The Committee may choose to have additional meetings in a month to conduct additional business if it is unable to complete all business at the regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

3.      Meetings will be organized by a typed agenda, formulated jointly by the Chairman and the General Manager of the Association.  The Agenda will include all brought to the Committee for review and approval.  The Agenda will be available at least one day in advance of the meeting.

4.      Completed applications and plans for proposed architectural structures and alterations must be in the hands of the General Manager at least five working days before the forthcoming meeting, meaning no later  than 4:00PM Wednesday for a Committee meeting that will be held the following Wednesday.

5.      All deliberations will be governed by the GVM Protective Covenants, and the most recent Architectural Rules and Regulations document.  The following philosophy will guide each Committee member’s decision: That every structure and its surrounding environment on any GVM property be an attractive and positive addition to the area and will not detract from the appearance or investment value of surrounding properties or from the aesthetics and general character of the area as a whole.

6.      All Committee action will require a simple majority vote of those present, but Committee action cannot be taken without a quorum, which shall be three, excluding ex-officio members.

7.      Results of deliberations and actions taken will then be conveyed to the Road and Recreation Association Board of Directors at its next official meeting.

Other Committee Responsibilities and Procedures:

1.      The Committee also has the responsibility to recommend for Board consideration changes in the Architectural Rules and Regulations and any other Rules and Regulations under its purview.

2.      At each monthly meeting in addition to new architectural proposals, the Committee will review those architectural projects that were approved within the last year that have been completed and for which the property owner is requesting a return of the construction deposit.  Deposits will be returned based on the report of the General Manager or a Committee member who has made a site visit to determine full compliance with the Rules and the original, submitted, approved plans.  If the site visit reveals full compliance, the Committee will direct the General Manager to arrange for the return of the deposit.  If the project is not in full compliance, the Committee will determine what steps must be taken by the member within a reasonable time line (typically thirty days) before the deposit will be returned.  The member will be so informed, in writing, by a formal letter from the General Manager.

3.      The Committee is to review all relevant complaints and probable violations of Rules brought to the Committee by the General Manager and/or individual Committee members.  The Committee’s response will be based on the Protocol for Dealing with Violations of Rules and Regulations.