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How to Keep GVM a Nighttime Paradise

As GVM continues to add homes and new neighbors, our nighttime paradise in GVM is becoming endangered. Complaints have increased each year about all-night outside lighting on many residences.  Besides being a violation of Architectural Review Committee Rules and Regulations (Section VI A.), there are other good reasons to limit your outside lighting.  Most GVM residents cherish the darkness and the ability to see the stars without light pollution.  Some complaints involve lights which shine directly into living rooms and bedrooms.  Dusk-to-Dawn lights are not acceptable.  This doesn’t apply to the low-wattage landscape lights or to lights which directly illuminate a U.S. flag.  Large wattage vapor lights or flood lights are the biggest problem as they spread bright light far beyond their own property.  The best outside lights direct the light to the ground where it is needed.  If you currently have Dusk-to-Dawn lights on your property, please turn them off.  Motion activated lights and timers are the best solutions for getting light only when you need it.  As you might guess, it’s awkward for neighbors to approach each other about this issue, so they call the office instead.  If you have all-night lights, it is likely they are a nuisance to many neighbors without your knowledge.


Some part-time residents are concerned about property security and want to have bright outside lights on for this reason.  Strategically placed motion lights can be more effective than the dusk-to-dawn large wattage lights.  GVM neighbors will notice outside lights turning on and off more readily and are more likely to check out your property if they see outside lights coming on when you are not home.


Please think about your outside lighting strategy as it relates to your nighttime work activities, your security needs, and the impact on the neighbors and the dark skies.  When building a new home, it is easy and affordable to plan your lighting choices and locations in advance.  Avoid lighting “overkill” which will cause “light trespass” into your neighbors’ properties.  Below are just a few ideas of good and bad choices for outside lighting in GVM.  Much more information about nighttime lighting choices and the general issue of light pollution can be found at


                                    GOOD                                                                        GOOD                       


         These fixtures have                                                                                       Many existing dusk-to-dawn lights

         bulbs and reflectors mounted                                                                      can be retrofitted with a solid

         above the glass and a solid                                                                                         shroud to direct the light straight to

         top to cut off the light from                                                                           the ground.  Still, these should not

         shining upward.                                                                                            be left on all night.






All of these inefficient fixtures have the problem of casting unshielded light outward and upward.  They cause     

considerable glare and do a poor job of putting light where you really need it.




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Teresa Jiles
Night Sky Technician
NPS Night Sky Program
Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere Colorado State University