R&R Management Audit, 2002/2003 – R&R Board, 12/14/02

Board Issues and Action Plan


Introduction:  An audit was conducted of the R&R Board, following the Board Meeting on 12/14/02.  This audit was conducted to follow up on audit trails and issues from the Staff Audit of 11/22/02.  These issues were reviewed in detail with the Board and resulted in agreed upon the action plans covered below.

Present were: Jim Chisholm (Lead Auditor), Chuck Huddleson, Larry Peterson, Robert Naftzinger, and Gary Stanton (Board Members), Kent Christen and Betsy Hackman (Staff).


1.      Job Descriptions, Employee Evaluations, Hiring Policy:

a) The Job Description used for the Manager, dated 15 Dec 95 has no evidence of approval by GV Boards (last approved version was 5/88).  Without a valid job description there is no other way for the Boards to delegate certain of their responsibilities and authorities to the Manager.  5.2.E

b)      The Manager (Kent) stated that his job description was not used or referenced in any way during his recent performance evaluation.

c)       No job description exists for Betsy Hackman in her new role as “ Executive Assistant”.

d)      The hiring of a new Book-keeper was executed without the customary posting of job availability to the membership.  The Board was not aware of any Hiring Policy or guidelines for GVM staff positions.


Action Plan:  The Board will develop (if necessary), review and approve job descriptions for each GVM Staff position.  It will ensure that the Job Descriptions are added to the Master List of Documents and that they will be referenced in future performance evaluations of all employees. The Board will not establish a Hiring Policy for GVM Employees at this time.  This action to be completed by 4/30/03.

2.      Committees:
a)  The ARC does not have an Approved Charter, Approved ARC Rules and Regulations to clearly identify the scope, duties and responsibilities, functions, etc. for this important Committee as required by the Bylaws (Article 10.1.F).
b)  The Recreation Committee Charter does not meet the requirements set forth in the Policy for Committees and represents a conflict in function regarding the traditional role of Glacier Gals in GVM social events and fund raising.  There is also no available list of members of this Committee and no evidence regarding approval of members by the Board. Reference Bylaws Articles 5.2.F and 10.1.

Action Plan:  The Board will review, edit and approve the Charters and other pertinent operational documents of the ARC and Recreation Committee.  It will ensure that members are appointed and listed for each Committee. This Action to be accomplished before 3/31/03.

3.      Key Association Documents:
Many key Association Documents and Policies listed on the Master List of Documents have no evidence of Board Approval from a review of prior Board Minutes and Motions.

Action Plan:  The Board will review the completed Master List and identify all unapproved policies, documents etc.  They will verify content and currency of each and approve the most recent versions by Board Motions before 4/30/03.

4.      Board Motions Accuracy, completeness, ownership for execution:
No mechanism exists to ensure that Board Motions entered in the “Motion Books” are accurate, complete and that they reflect the actual intent of the original motion.  Also, some complex motions did not have an owner identified who would ensure that said motion had actually been carried out.  Example - the addition of a monthly late charge of $15 per month on delinquent accounts.  (Although late charges were initiated, all pertinent procedures were not amended to reflect this change and resulted in contradictory information in various Association documents, viz. Invoices, Billing Procedure, Uniform Schedule of Penalties…, Rules and Regulations, etc.

Action Plan:  The Board will establish a policy for periodic review of Motions in the Minutes and the Motion Book to ensure completeness and historical accuracy.  The Board will also assign a Board Member to take ownership for execution and follow-up on complex motions and ensure that it is carried as old business until finalized.

5.      Procedure for the Annual Association Meeting:
The Bylaws (Article 8.1) require that the Annual Meeting be conducted according to an “established procedure”.  No procedure currently exists to define how the Rules of Order apply to the Annual Meeting (Note that Goldberg’s R of O apply specifically to Board Meetings and we must clarify their procedural use for Association Meetings), how the agenda, which is included in the Notice of Meeting governs the content of Annual Meetings, who runs the meeting, etc.

Action Plan:  The Board, jointly with the W&S Board should develop a very simple procedure for conducting the Annual Meeting which covers chairing, use of Goldberg’s Rules of Order for procedural issues only, use of the mailed agenda (in the notice) for content, election protocols and floor nominations, etc. This procedure to be completed and approved by 5/15/03.

Submitted by Jim Chisholm on 12/18/02.
Requires Board Approval on stated Action Plans.


R&R Board approved on 1/18/03 with update to action plan for item #1 (No plan to establish a hiring policy at this time).