June 28, 2008


Water and Sewer Road and Recreation
Randy Mae - President Robert Naftzger - President
Frank Winter - Vice-President Linda Adams - Vice-President (absent)
Jim Petrie - Treasurer Rick Snow - Treasurer
Jerry Wood - Secretary (absent) Jack Carroll - Secretary (absent)
Al Samuelson - Director Mike McKay - Director


Steve Horsmon-Manager
Mary Keller- Secretary
Lynn Johnson - Maintenance II
Deanna Snell - Bookkeeper


All Board members were present except Linda Adams, Jack Carroll and Jerry Wood who were excused, and a quorum was established. (Annual meetings and special meetings are considered a meeting of the membership. To establish a quorum 50 unit owners must be present by attendance or proxy.)

Bob Naftzger called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. It was determined that the Annual Meeting Notification was sent on time. Introduction of Board Members and Staff.


Bob Naftzger moved to accept the minutes as written. Unanimous-motion passed


No Amendments made


  1. Introduction of Road & Recreation Candidates by Bob Naftzger
    Sue Olson, Rick Snow, Jere Wallack
  2. Introduction of Water & Sewer Candidates by Randy Mae
    Paul Block, Frank Winter, Tom Willard
  3. Nominations from the floor: None

Gus Eykholt, spoke for the Nominating committee. Gus explained the rules of voting. There are two (2) openings on the R&R Board, and three (3) openings on the W&S Board. The voting was conducted.


(See enclosed...(See Office for additional enclosed as it was not furnished with these minutes)) Jim Petrie gave a synopsis of the financials for the Water and Sewer Association. The Water & Sewer is 8 months or 67% into the budget year, all accounts 001 is in line and 002 and 003 are a bit high due to frozen water and sewer lines over the winter. The report was accepted as submitted, with no significant deviations from the budget.

Rick Snow gave a synopsis of the financials for the Road and Recreation Association. Rick stated that the Road & Recreation Budget remains healthy. We completed the 11 month or 92 % of the budget year, with no issues noted. The report was accepted as submitted.


Bob Naftzger gave the report for the Road and Recreation Association. Bob recognized the Glacier View Staff and other Board members for a successful year. Bob outlined various Road and Recreation projects and activities during the 2007/2008 fiscal year: Bob announced that after 8 years of serving on the Board he is not going to run again.

Randy Mae gave the report for the Water and Sewer Association. Randy discussed the activities and accomplishments of the Water and Sewer Association through the year.

  1. Discussed the community system freeze ups over the winter winter. The repairs took a lot of effort and were costly. The staff made changes in some areas so the problems should not re-occur.
  2. The community waste water project is approved and on schedule. We are planning on breaking ground in August. This project will affect those community residents in the 4th, 7th, and Upper 8th Filings.
  3. The Budget Committee recommended adding a new benefit to Water and Sewer members. Since the Association no longer provides a lower cost septic pumping service, starting October 1st, the Association is offering a $100 rebate after having their system pumped by outside contractors. This rebate would be allowed only once in a 3-year period.

BUDGET PROPOSAL See minutes dated 04/06/08

Road & Recreation - 08-09 Budget Proposal

Rick Snow, Road & Recreation Treasurer, presented the 2008-2009 Budget Committee Recommendations.

  1. Despite last year’s recommendation for an increase this year, the committee does not recommend a dues increase for 08-09 fiscal year. Dues should remain at $300/yr. The budget carry-forward was better than expected and was helped by the 07-08 snow removal assessment.
  2. Recommend a $50,000 contribution to the 08-09 capital reserve funds. Proposed annual road maintenance material budget increased from $60,000 (last year) to $70,000 to allow for additional road repairs needed after frozen pipe excavations.
  3. The 08-09 budget carry-forward decreases in the 2009-2010 budget. The committee anticipates a needed dues rate increase of $35.00 in 2009-2010 to allow continued capital reserve contributions at $40,000 in 2009-2010 and $30,000 in 2010-2011.
  4. Road & Recreation 2008- 2009 Dues Cap raised to $383.94.

Water & Sewer - 08-09 Budget Proposal

Cal Bruxvoort, Water & Sewer Budget Committee Chair, presented the 2008-2009 Budget Committee Recommendations:

Water & Sewer Budget Account 001 – W&S Annual Dues

No dues increase recommended for 08-09 fiscal year. Dues should remain at $144/yr for improved lots and $72/yr for unimproved lots. Since the Association no longer provides a lower cost septic pumping service, members will be offered a $100 rebate after having their system pumped by outside contractors. This rebate would be allowed only once in a 3-year period.

Water & Sewer Budget Account 002 – 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th Filing Community Systems

4th, 7th, 8th, 9th – 10% increase, 3rd filing increase on sewer fees to match other community system rates. Improved rate increase from $146.00 to $364.00/year Unimproved rate increase from $31.00 to $182.00/year. The committee also recommends that residents be allowed to pay over 12 months instead of the current 10 month plan. This will reduce the monthly payment in the first year from $78.00/mo to $71.50/mo – not including annual Water and Sewer dues. (Note: These monthly payments do not reflect the annual dues ($72/$144) normally included in the monthly payment).

Water & Sewer Budget Account 003 – 12th Filing Community System

12th Filing water fee increase 17% - Sewer Fee increase 10%. Unanimous-motion passed


Steve Horsmon presented the manager’s report. 2007-2008 has been a busy and productive year. Instead of just reading a report for June, I will review the last 12 months of accomplishments and what the next 12 months will bring us. Every accomplishment in this report is the result of the efforts of many dedicated people including GVM staff, committee volunteers, and board members. The GVM staff includes Gary Ellerman, Lynn Johnson, Mary Keller, Jerry Rogers, and Deanna Snell. In addition to all of you, these are the people who make GVM work on a daily basis. I want to thank them for another productive year.

Steve also mentioned that the Water & Sewer Association and the Road & Recreation Association are two separate Associations. Staff members work for both Associations half for Road & Recreation and half for Water & Sewer.

2007-2008 Accomplishments(in no particular order)

  1. Completed over 1 mile of recycled asphalt application on the worst stretches of GVM roads.
  2. Completed Riddle Lake repair including gate valve repair, 18,000 lbs of bentonite, and installation of a new dry hydrant line for the GVMFD.
  3. Mailbox cover completed for Riddle Lake mailbox pedestals and new bulletin boards at all mailboxes.
  4. Started new process of welcome letters to new residents with information and a website introduction.
  5. Major website upgrades and new additions. Online Viewpoint available now.
  6. Major upgrades to the 4th Filing water supply to monitor water loss and automatically shut down pumps when leaks are detected.
  7. Dozens of emergency water and sewer line repairs due to leaking or frozen pipes.
  8. Completed deep bury of Pyramid Ct. water and sewer lines.
  9. Purchased new backhoe and began offering 3 new services to residents (septic lids excavation, test holes for new construction, and culvert excavation to allow clean out)
  10. Beefed up our collections process including: a) increasing late notice billing b) proactively arranging payment plans c) contracted with a new Collection Agency
  11. Worked with the County Engineering and Health Dept. to design a new wastewater treatment plant, hold Local Improvement District elections, obtain State loan funds, and begin the process of final design and construction.
  12. Improved drainage and top soil cover on the 12th Filing leach field.
  13. Continued monitoring foreclosure rates in GVM, researching county ownership records, and making sure that GVM collects all available past dues from these properties.
  14. Constructed new Landing Zone helicopter pad for the GVMFD in exchange for culvert cleaning help.
  15. Reduced the overall Lead & Copper levels in all of the community water system by increasing anti-corrosion dosages and monitoring test results.
  16. Encouraged the W&S budget committee to recommend the new $100 rebate for septic pumping services.
  17. Worked with Larimer County Waste Engineering to arrange a community hazardous material clean-up day on 8/16/08.
  18. Completed dozens of new GVM road signs and pump house repairs and repainting.
  19. Ecology Committee volunteers completed numerous projects at Crellin Lake, the demonstration garden, and addressed roadside weeds.
  20. Buck and Rail fence volunteers completed hundreds of feet on new fencing and repairs.
  21. Work Day volunteers repainted lots of picnic tables, fences, and this meeting room floor.
  22. The ARC committee met 10 times to review 12 homes, 13 sheds, 8 garages, 11 fences, and 3 additions, and many other various projects. Began more proactive follow-up on construction progress and compliance the Larimer County permitting rules.

2008-2009 Plans

  1. Replace about 1000 ft. of water and sewer pipe and heat tape at Mt. Massive and Sunlight Circle.
  2. Begin construction of new wastewater treatment plant in August timeframe – 8 to 12 week project.
  3. Repair damaged/aging rock work at all gates and begin process of making design proposals for new GVM gate signs.
  4. Excavate and repair winter damage on Quandary Ct. sewer lines.
  5. Continue much the same as last year. Road work, culvert cleaning, water deliveries, sign making, property maintenance, office management, resident/realtor/buyer assistance, billing/collections, water and sewer maintenance, vehicle maintenance, etc.


Diane Morrison notified the public that the fishing derby takes place over Labor Day weekend and invited everyone to participate. A member voiced concern about 4-wheelers and the ages of the children driving them.


  1. None


  1. Glacier View Fire District:
    Fire Chief, Greg Niswender, reported for GVM Fire District. Greg discussed training, staff size, and area of service. There are three divisions in the Fire Department: Operations, Firefighting/EMT, and Logistics. He explained that the fire department is made up of volunteers and is always looking for new members to join the team. Greg announced that any property within 5 road miles of the station is eligible for an ISO 8B classification, compared to previous class 9. If your insurance company uses an ISO classifications to set their rates, most do, it could mean an annual insurance savings of $200 to $350 per year per home owner
  2. Colorado Division of Wildlife:
    District Manager, Shane Craig, reported for the Division of Wildlife. We live in Bear Country and need to learn to coexist with the Bears. Bears will naturally investigate food odors and are attracted to many different foods such as garbage, birdseed, pet foods, and grease on barbecue grills. Bear have a very keen since of smell. Once a bear receives a "reward," such as one of these foods, it may return to the same area several times (even after food is removed) or search around the general area for similar foods. Residents should not let bears feel comfortable close to their homes or property. Bears that are intentionally or unintentionally fed by humans become accustomed to being around people and are more likely to get into trouble causing property damage. The Bear issues that Crystal Lakes had (numerous break-ins) are resolved thus proving that we can co-exist with bears by managing attractants and using non-lethal tools to teach bears to stay out of human territory. The Department of Wild Life has a "two strikes and you are out" Bear policy. Which results in the death of the bear.


  1. Architectural Review Committee (ARC)
    Manager, GVM, Steve Horsmon spoke for the committee: The ARC committee met 10 times to review 12 homes, 13 sheds, 8 garages, 11 fences, and 3 additions, and many other various projects. The ARC began more proactive follow-up on construction progress and compliance the Larimer County permitting rules. Steve also reported that the new law states that an HOA can not ban alternate energy (i.e., wind mills, turbines, solar power.) Nor can the HOA make alternate energy sources more expensive to adapt them our regulations.
  2. Ecology Committee:
    Ellen Heath, Secretary, updated the audience on the Ecology Committee’s activities. The committee provided over 500 volunteer hours to the community during the past year. Major projects were Crellin Lake land restoration and noxious weed management, as well as two educational events: the Annual Meeting displays and the Summer Workshop. This year the committee combined them and thanks were extended to Linda Bell and Wynne Dimock who organized the "Ecology Fair" to coincide with GVM’s 2008 Annual Meeting. Steve Horsmon was thanked for his continued support and for providing maintenance garage space adjacent to the meeting.

    Each of the presenters was thanked and their display described briefly:

    1) Wynne Dimock, Peggy and Jeff Gibford, Ginny Doft: displays and handouts on recycling, green tips, global climate change, and the upcoming August 16th GVM hazardous waste and electronics collection;

    2)  Jeff Gibford and Ellen Heath: GVM Land Steward Program, with signup sheet and maps to encourage weed and forest management by property owners;

    3) Nancy Bell: noxious weed identification and control, including live weed specimens, a plastic weed bouquet and handouts;

    4) Jonathan Taylor: wild land fire ecology with books, handouts and a signup sheet;

    5) Dave Hattis, US Forest Service: forest and tree health, with information on mountain pine bark beetles including a poster and a "blue stain" tree specimen;

    6) Jim and Jane Tiffin: "Bear Aware" display booth describing their bear attack reduction program in Crystal Lakes along with signed copies of Linda Masterson’s "Living with Bears" for sale;

    7) Linda Bell: GVM Demonstration Garden handouts and local wildflowers, including a live wildflower bouquet as well as Judy Corwin’s excellent color-coded reference binders containing photos, pressed flowers and descriptions of flowers and shrubs found in GVM.

    Also, Shane Craig, Colorado Department of Wildlife, was available for questions on bears, mountain lions and other wildlife topics.

    The GVM Office was commended on their on-going project of updating the "Property Owner’s Guide." This binder is a great reference and includes ecology-related information for GVM residents. Several key people were unable to attend the meeting and they were thanked for their outstanding service: Judd Adams for his tireless work on the Crellin Lake Restoration project and noxious weed management in GVM; Harry and Judy Corwin for maintaining the informative Crellin Canyon Nature Trail, and Susan Lamb for managing the popular demonstration garden. Pat Zuhlke was named "Land Steward of the Year" for her eight years of service managing weeds on her own property and in her neighborhood. Along with the Ecology Committee volunteers, Pat wore her high-visibility Land Steward vest which was custom-designed by GVM resident, Helen Petrak. Finally, Ellen turned over the remaining time to Ginny Doft who described the new Larimer County recycling policy which now includes all plastics: one through seven. Ginny presented details on how to recycle at GVM and showed examples of each type of plastic.

  3. Glacier Gals: Ginny Blanz, President, presented the report for the Glacier Gals. Ginny outlined fund raising activities such as shirts, recycling cans, pancake breakfasts, reflective signs and bake sales. Highway cleanup is the first Thursday of the month and potlucks are the last Saturday of the month. The annual Christmas party will be held between Christmas and New Years day. Ginny also invited the membership to the July Fiesta picnic.


Road and Recreation: Jere Wallack was elected to fill a vacant position, for a two year term. Rick Snow was re-elected to serve another two year term.

Water and Sewer: Tom Willard was elected to fill a vacant position, for a two year term. Randy Mae & Frank Winter were each re-elected serve another two year term.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 p.m.

Road and Recreation Board Appointments:

Appointment meeting held 07/09/2008 the Board selected officers as follows:

Rick Snow – President

Linda Adams – Vice-President

Mike McKay – Treasurer

Jack Carroll – Secretary

Jere Wallack – Director

Water and Sewer Board Appointments:

After the annual meeting a brief discussion was held and the Board selected officers as follows:

Randy Mae – President

Frank Winter – Vice-President

Jim Petrie – Treasurer

Jerry Wood – Secretary

Tom Willard – Director