June 23, 2007


Water and Sewer Road and Recreation
Jerry Ryan - President Robert Naftzger - President
Randy Mae - Vice-President Linda Adams - Vice-President
Jim Petrie - Treasurer Rick Snow - Treasurer (absent)
Frank Winter - Secretary Jack Carroll - Secretary
Al Samuelson - Director Diana Lustick - Director


Steve Horsmon-Manager
Mary Keller- Secretary
Deanna Snell - Bookkeeper
Lynn Johnson - Maintenance II


All Board members were present except Rick Snow who was excused, and a quorum was established. (Annual meetings and special meetings are considered a meeting of the membership. To establish a quorum 50 unit owners must be present by attendance or proxy.)

Bob Naftzger called the meeting to order at 9:01 a.m. It was determined that the Annual Meeting Notification was sent on time. Introduction of Board Members and Staff.


Bob Naftzger made a motion to accept the minutes as written. Unanimous-motion passed


No Amendments made


  1. Introduction of Road & Recreation Candidates by Bob Naftzger
    Jack Carroll, Linda Adams, Jerry Blanz, Mike McKay
  2. Introduction of Water & Sewer Candidates by Bob Naftzger
    Jim Petrie, Jerry Ryan, Jerry Wood
  3. Nominations from the floor: None

Linda Carroll, Nominating Committee Chairperson, explained the rules of voting.
There are three (3) openings on the R&R Board, and two (2) openings on the W&S Board. Linda pointed to the ballot boxes, and noted that the ballots should be placed in the appropriate box. The voting was conducted.


(See enclosed...(See Office for additional enclosed as it was not furnished with these minutes)) Linda Adams gave a synopsis of the financials for the Road and Recreation Association. Linda stated that the Road & Recreation Budget is healthy due to the special assessment for snow removal. At the end of May we are 11/12 or 92 % into the budget year, with no issues noted. The report was accepted as submitted.

Jim Petrie gave a synopsis of the financials for the Water and Sewer Association. The Water & Sewer is 8 months or 67% into the budget year, all accounts 001,002 and 003 are in line with the exception of payroll being a bit high. The report was accepted as submitted, with no significant deviations from the budget.


    Bob Naftzger gave the report for the Road and Recreation Association. Bob recognized the Glacier View Staff for a job well done. Bob outlined various Road and Recreation projects and activities during the 2006/2007 fiscal year:

  1. Major expansion and clean-up of Crellin Lake. New user-friendly walking path and features a new island. Lake is nearly full and we expect to stock it again for the July 4th weekend. Judd Adams and Ecology Committee volunteers have done a great job helping to rake and re-seed the entire area. Excess fill dirt is being used to improve the 7th filing leach field this summer.
  2. Lived through the blizzard of 2006 and our crew outperformed the cities of Fort Collins and Denver in snow removal speed and effectiveness.
  3. Completed another mailbox shelter for the Gate 6 pedestals and will complete another one this summer inside Gate 1 near Riddle Lake.
  4. Continued "black base" road material application in key areas and it is still performing well compared to regular road base. Bob stressed to the membership that the "black base" will last longer if we reduce our vehicle speed.
  5. We’ve had major improvements in the collection of past dues and late fees. With increased follow-up, use of collection agencies, and even GVM initiated foreclosures, we have collected over $18,000 in prior year dues and late fees.
  6. About 2000’ of Buck and Rail fence replacement with Gus Eykholt and team.
  7. The New soccer field is hugely popular and being used by more kids that we expected.

    Jerry Ryan gave the report for the Water and Sewer Association. Jerry discussed the activities and accomplishments of the Water and Sewer Association through the year.

  1. Completed a major, State mandated, water system upgrade in the Upper 8th and 4th Filing to eliminate a well testing too high for uranium. The State has given final approval for the completion of this project which included deactivating one well, drilling a new well, installing underground tank and plumbing, and new pump house controls. This system serves 144 properties and is now safer and more reliable than ever before.
  2. Made good progress on the project to address the ageing community leach fields serving the 4th, 7th, and Upper 8th Filings. Preliminary engineering design work is completed. We have mailed out numerous communications and held a public meeting to present the plan. The Larimer County Engineering and Department of Health are helping GVM in the process of proposing a Local Improvement District for the 144 affected properties. This proposal will hopefully be put on the November election ballot for these property owners to vote on the opportunity to use 20 yr. state loan fund financing at low interest rates. (the latest communication handout is available)
  3. We’ve had major improvements in the collection of past dues and late fees. With increased follow-up, use of collection agencies, and water shut-off notices, we have collected over $16,000 in prior year dues and late fees.


Steve Horsmon presented the manager’s report.

General Office and Budget Updates:

  1. Per board motion last month, we have set up new R&R and W&S bank accounts at Western States Bank. These new accounts reduce the balances in Wells Fargo and 1st National bank accounts to around $100,000 – the current FDIC protection limit.
  2. We’re working with Municipal Services Agency on competitive quotes for Liability, Directors and Officers, and Auto Insurance. They are attempting to "bundle" all policies with one company for substantial savings.
  3. The lease for 3 Dell office computers expires this November. The buyout option is priced at $919.00 (FMV) and Dell must be notified before 8/1/07. I plan to exercise the buyout option which will save us $158.00 per month.
  4. The Board member education articles are provided this month on the topics of Contractor Insurance and recent court rulings.
  5. As part of past dues collection, we are filing 16 recorded liens this month. This may help us collect past dues if these properties refinance, sell, or go into foreclosure. We also sent letters to 18 properties which will be turned over to collections if responses are not received by July 1.

Road and Recreation Association

  1. We will be consuming the remaining $17,000 in the operating budget this month as we apply recycled asphalt on Mt. Harvard Dr., Gate 5 and two switchbacks on Iron Mtn. Dr., Gate 10. A larger scale improvement is planned in July for Montcalm Dr. from Mt. Wrangell Ct. to LeConte Dr. This will be expensed in the 2007-2008 budgets.
  2. Two new aluminum signs were installed at each lake stating the rules for each lake.
  3. Crellin Lake walking path is now complete. Thanks to Judd Adams for organizing raking and reseeding efforts for the entire lake perimeter. Water level is rising with about 2 feet remaining before reaching the spillway. We’ll continue maintaining the area for weed control.
  4. Purchased 200 more fence poles for this year’s buck and rail fence replacement project. Gus and team have already completed many repairs this year and a stretch just east of Gate 9.
  5. Sent two covenant violation letters this month for property maintenance and inoperative vehicle issues. The ARC is now including a clause in letters to applicants which specifies the requirement for county permits and that the ARC will follow up and report violations of county permitting ordinances.

Water & Sewer Association

  1. Met with Linda Sanders from Larimer County Engineering to discuss the Local Improvement District (LID) process. They informed me that a formal petition of the 144 owners is not required and they plan to proceed to the public hearing step. The public hearing is scheduled for 7/31/07. This will allow time to prepare the ballot proposal and submit it to the county commissioners for approval by the August deadline. If approved, the vote is done in the November election. Also, we have a proposal to Stantec Engineering for relocating the proposed control shed and treatment tank to reduce construction costs. We will contact Stantec next week.
  2. We repaired a water line leak on Pyramid Ct. for the 3rd time this year. This line needs to be replaced and is moved up in priority for getting fixed this summer.
  3. Gary, Jerry, and Lynn are signed up for an 8 hr. Water Operator’s Math water class this month to earn required training units for their licenses. This class is free.
  4. Of the two remaining water service shut-offs from last month, one property owner has vacated the home.


  1. Linda Petrie, Road & Recreation Budget Committee Chairmen, presented the report for the budget committee

    No dues increase recommended for 07-08 fiscal year. Dues should remain at $300/yr. The snow removal assessment will keep the budget healthy for the next year and allow a contribution to the 07-08 capital reserve funds. Recommend a $50,000 contribution to the 07-08 capital reserve funds divided into the following line items: $22,000 – Grader replacement, $10,000 – Mowers/Plows, $8,000 – Buildings/Yards, $10,000 – Recreation.

    Proposed annual road maintenance material budget of $60,000 seems adequate and general road conditions are meeting expectations in the opinion of the committee.

    As of 4/4/07, the anticipated revenue for excess snow removal costs will be $70,000 with an estimated per property assessment of $72.00.

    The 07-08 budget carry forward decreases in the 2008-2009 budget. The committee recommends a dues rate increase in 2008-2009 to allow continued capital reserve contributions of $50,000 per year and to meet normal expenses. Recommended rate increase for 2008-2009 budget is from $300/yr. to $325/yr. per property.

    Road & Recreation Dues Cap Summary

    2005-2006 – Cap raised by membership vote from $300/yr. to $350/yr.

    2006-2007 - Cap raised by CPI-U by 3.4%. Cap raised to $361.90.

    2007-2008 - Cap raised by CPI-U by 3.2%. Cap raised to $373.48.

    (see joint meeting 04/18/07 motion)

    Bob Naftzger, moved to accept the 2007-2008 Road and Recreation budget proposal in that the dues will remain $300.00/year with a contribution of $50,000 to the capital expense budget. Unanimous - motion passed. No other recommendations were adopted at this time.

  2. Cal Bruxvoort, Water & Sewer Budget Committee Chairmen, presented the report for the budget committee:

    Water & Sewer Budget Account 001 - Management
    1. No dues increase recommended for 07-08 fiscal year. Dues should remain at $144/yr for improved lots and $72/yr for unimproved lots.
    2. Recommend a $30,000 contribution to the 07-08 capital reserve funds.
      Account 002 – 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th Filing Community Systems
    3. Water and Sewer annual fee increases are recommended due to decreasing budget carry-forward amounts in the next 2 budget years. A 10% increase in 08-09 and a 5% increase in 09-10 will provide the ability to contribute at least $10,000 per year toward capital reserves. These contributions needed to continue funding the wastewater project fund and water system upgrades, including deep bury projects.

      No fee increase 2007-2008

      The following fee increases are recommended:
      2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010
      Proposed increase 10% increase 5% increase
      Improved Lot W&S $780.00 $858.00 $900.90
      Unimproved Lot W&S $390.00 $429.00 $450.45
      Improved Lot (sewer only) $146.00 $160.60 $168.63
      Unimproved Lot (sewer only) $ 31.00 $ 34.10 $ 35.81

      Water & Sewer Budget Account 003 – 12th Filing Community System

    4. Water user fee increases are recommended due to decreasing budget carry- forward amounts in the next 2 budget years. The increase is spread over the next 2 years and would bring the 12th Filing water users to the current fee level of the other community system residents.

      The following fee increases are recommended:
      2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009
      Improved Lot Water Fee $396.00 $423.00 $450.00
      Unimproved Lot Water Fee $198.00 $211.50 $225.00
    5. There is no recommendation for a contribution to capital in the 003 account this year.
    6. (see joint meeting 04/18/07 motion)

      Randy Mae moved to accept the Budget report in that dues will remain the same- improved lots $144.00 and unimproved lots $72.00 for the 2007-2008 budget year. Community System Fees will remain the same for 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 9th filings for the 2007-2008 budget year. Account 003 12th filing water fees to increase improved lot water fees from $396.00 to $423.00 and Unimproved lot water fees from $198.00 to $211.50 Unanimous – motion passed.


      A member suggested we grade the roads on an as needed basis. There was concern voiced in that along with other wildlife the bears are out and active. The member advised parents not to leave children unattended especially at the lakes. Questions were raised concerning camping trailers and the fact some are parking year round. (See ARC report) A member asked about the entrance at gate one and plans to refurbish the signs and improve the overall look. The manager informed the membership that we will be revisiting proposals to replace signs at the entrances. The staff was praised for excellent job performance over the winter. It was stated that snow removal was three times quicker in GVM than residential streets in Greeley.


    1. None


      Greg Niswender presented the Report for GVM Fire Department. He invited the membership to the Glacier View Fire/EMS Open House festivities. They are providing a ton of information along with games and prizes for kids, a Firefighter challenge and Dance tonight. Greg discussed training, staff size, and area of service. There are three divisions in the Fire Department: Operations, Firefighting/EMT, and Logistics. He explained that the fire department is made up of volunteers and is always looking for new members to join the team. Greg announced that the Department acquired in 2007 a 2,250 gallon Fire Tender. With this tender, any property within 5 road miles of the station is eligible for an ISO 8B classification, compared to previous class 9. If your insurance company uses an ISO classifications to set their rates, most do, it could mean an annual insurance savings of $200 to $350 per year per home owner. The reality is however, you will not see a big change as the department has been pretty successful in extinguishing fires with the equipment they have.


    1. Rules Committee: John Sandorf, Chairman, presented the report for the Audit Committee. During November – December 2006, the Rules committee conducted an audit of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Audit Members were Judd Adams, Galen Trabant, and John Sandorf. The primary focus of the audit was to review ARC history folders and committee review process. The ARC process is a reasonably good process. There are many "gray" areas of compliance that have not been enforced due to a lack of knowledge of past situations, difficulty in addressing, or time constraints of the GVM manager and/or ARC committee. The major recommendations of the audit team are: - Initiate a procedure whereby all appropriate forms are filled in properly, signed, and dated. Have someone review the completed forms on a monthly basis. – The Board should appoint a committee to review and update ARC forms, GVM covenants, and ARC Rules and Regulations on an annual basis. –The Board(s) should document the most egregious "gray" areas and systematically review them for resolution. –The GVM complaint process should be monitored by the Board with the GVM Manager, and a specific timetable should be established to resolve outstanding cases. –Additional Audits should be conducted to monitor the ARC process improvements; the office procedures for handling documentation of ARC forms and history folders; and the handling of ARC related issues.
    2. Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Lee Barker, Chairman, presented the report for the ARC committee. ARC members are Lee Barker, Phil Wilson, Roger Stephenson and Kelly Fox. The ARC processed 74 applications, all passed with recommendations. The ARC needs to address violations and would like volunteers to help with this process. Lee suggested that a possible solution to correcting some of the violations is to offer an amnesty. Give residents 60 days to correct violations. If the violators do not respond, take the necessary action thru the procedures that are in place. The ARC is always looking for volunteers and can find a job for anybody. The help will be greatly appreciated.
    3. Ecology Committee: Judd Adams, Chairman presented the report for the committee and educated the audience on the role of the Ecology Committee. Judd informed the members that the ecology committee is entering into its second decade. The Ecology committee was initiated Kelly Curtis in 1977. Judd recognized Susan Lamb and Harry Corwin for chairing the committee in past years, he also recognized Judy Corwin for her contributions to the committee. Thirty- five people have served on the committee in a significant manner. There are over a dozen people currently working on noxious weeds and land restoration. In the beginning, the purpose of the committee was to provide information to the Road & Recreation Board on how to take action in things like mountain pine beetle, mistletoe, too many trees. Last year Larimer County recognized the Glacier View Ecology Committee with the land stewardship award. Judd informed the membership about the noxious weed display tables and that ecology committee members are available to answer questions. There is also herbicide and weed whackers available for the membership to use. Judd also invited the membership to a weed workshop on July 14, 2007 at the G.V.M. Maintenance Shop.
    4. Glacier Gals: Ginny Blanz, President, presented the report for the Glacier Gals. Ginny outlined fund raising activities such as shirts, recycling cans, pancake breakfasts, reflective signs and bake sales. She invited the membership to the July picnic, monthly potluck dinners, and Christmas party. Work day this year is scheduled for 08/11. Glacier Gals set a goal to increase community participation this year.

      A survey of interest developed by combined effort of two local churches and the Mountain Assistance Program, local nurses and other interested professionals is being conducted to gage the interest in Home Care Services to give respite to health care givers in the home. There is a box for these surveys and Wynne Dimick is available to field questions.

    ELECTION RESULTS: (count enclosed...not)

    Road and Recreation: Mike McKay was elected to fill a vacant position, for a two year term. Jack Carroll and Linda Adams were re-elected to serve another two year term each.

    Water and Sewer: Jerry Wood was elected to fill a vacant position, for a two year term. Jim Petrie was re-elected serve another two year term.

    Meeting adjourned at 10:55 p.m.

    Road and Recreation Board Appointments:

    After brief discussion the Board selected officers as follows:

    Bob Naftzger – President
    Linda Adams – Vice-President
    Rick Snow – Treasurer
    Jack Carroll – Secretary
    Mike McKay – Director

    Water and Sewer Board Appointments:

    After brief discussion the Board selected officers as follows:

    Randy Mae – President
    Frank Winter – Vice-President
    Jim Petrie – Treasurer
    Jerry Wood – Secretary
    Al Samuelson – Director