June 24, 2006


Water and Sewer Road and Recreation
Jerry Ryan - President Robert Naftzger - President
Lynn Johnson - Vice-President Larry Peterson - Vice-President
Jim Petrie - Treasurer (excused) (vacant) - Treasurer
Frank Winter - Secretary Linda Adams - Secretary
Albert Samuelson - Director Jack Carroll - Director


Steve Horsmon-Manager
Jerry Rogers – Operations Supervisor
Lynn Johnson - Maintenance I
Mary Keller- Secretary
Deanna Snell - Bookkeeper


All were present except Jim Petrie who was excused, and a quorum was established. Jerry Ryan called the meeting to order at 9:02 a.m. It was determined that the Annual Meeting Notification was sent on time. Board Members introduced themselves.


Jerry Ryan made a motion to accept the minutes as written. Unanimous-motion passed


Jerry Ryan made a motion to amend the agenda: Introduce item #’s 11 and 12 after item #4 Unanimous-motion passed


  1. Introduction of Road & Recreation Candidates by Jerry Ryan
    Bob Naftzger, Rick Snow, Diana Lustick, Larry Peterson
  2. Introduction of Water & Sewer Candidates by Jerry Ryan
    Frank Winter, Jerry Wood, Al Samuelson, Randy Mae

  3. Nominations from the floor: None
Linda Carroll, Nominating Committee Chairperson, explained the rules of voting. There are three (3) openings on the R&R Board, and three (3) Openings on the W&S Board, Linda explained that one of the elected R&R candidates will serve a one year term. She pointed to the ballot boxes, and noted that the ballots should be placed in the appropriate box. The voting was conducted.


(See enclosed)

Bob Naftzger gave a synopsis of the financials for the Road and Recreation Association. The report was accepted as submitted, with no issues noted.

Frank Winter gave a synopsis of the financials for the Water and Sewer Association. The report was accepted as submitted, with no issues noted.


Bob Naftzger gave the report for the Road and Recreation Association. Bob discussed events and progress made through the year. He also suggested to the membership that all complaints and comments should be made to the Glacier View Office and staff; they are the first point of contact. He explained that going to the office first will accomplish more then approaching a Board member. Any issues that are not resolved by the office should be referred to the board. Bob also discussed the new speed limit signs and thanked the membership for following the posted speeds.

Jerry Ryan gave the report for the Water and Sewer Association. Jerry discussed the activities of the Water Association through the year. He reminded everyone of the importance of water conservation during the drought. Jerry urged the membership to get involved in the Association and consider running for a position on the Board next year.


Steve Horsmon presented the manager’s report.

General Office and Budget Updates:

  1. In accordance with new procedures, we began the process of segregating Association funds to prevent excess funds (>$100,000) from accumulating in one financial institution. Converted our 1st National Bank account to commercial accounts to obtain higher yields (from .2% to 4.5%)
  2. Continuing our proactive past due collections activity. Judgment for foreclosure is pending on two properties in the 12th Filing. Community water service disconnections and collection agency activity continue to help resolve delinquent payments. New collections procedures will be officially adopted after they pass Board review.
  3. Purchased an additional pedestal box for GVM residents. Postmaster will have it installed to accommodate new residents. Cost split between R&R and W&S Associations.

Road and Recreation Association

  1. Total expenses are running about 7% under budget with no anticipated large expenses looming for the last month of the fiscal year. Less money was spent on culvert replacements as our priorities have been changed by the 8th Filing replacement well project. We plan to use all remaining road base budget this month - ~$4,500.
  2. Experimenting with new road base material on Bald Mtn. Dr. to address chronic washboarding on switchbacks. "Black base" is being applied with water and compaction. Initial results are good. We’re seeing lower dust and prolonged road quality. We are planning this improvement for areas of Eiger Rd., Montcalm Dr., and Iron Mtn. before winter.
  3. Road and Recreation 2006-2007 billing was completed in the last week of May. We have collected $98,850 or about 33% as of 6/21/06.
  4. Purchased 300 more fence poles for this year’s buck and rail fence replacement project. First project will start at Gate 9 and go west to finish that section.
  5. Fishing Committee has a new chairman. Stan Przygoda has taken over the helm. Thanks to Floyd Agee for all of his help and leadership. Stocking is completed for July. Crellin Lake is getting too low for any further fish stocking. This year’s fishing derby will need to be at Batterson or Riddle Lake.
  6. Mailbox cover for Gate 8 pedestals is complete. Ordering material for one more cover this year to be built at Gate 6.
  7. Forest Service plans to begin their Fuels Reduction project in August and will be using Iron Mtn. Dr. for access to forest lands south of the 6th Filing. No heavy trucks and no slash hauling will be involved.

Water & Sewer Association

  1. New well project in 4th Filing continues. This well will address the State requirement to correct the high uranium levels in the Upper 8th Filing. New cistern, manhole, and pump house modifications are planned for July and August. If State gives final design approval, new water source can be available in September.
  2. We have been awarded a $15,000 matching grant for leach field design and planning. Larimer County Commissioners have agreed to be our sponsor and to administer the distribution of funds.
  3. We will be working on a small sewer line leak at Mt. Sherman Ct. intersection sometime in July.
  4. Gary and Lynn are signed up for classes and exams for water and wastewater certification in July and October. Gary is upgrading to Class C Water and Lynn is going for Small Systems Water certification.


Steve Horsmon spoke for the committees.

A. The Road & Recreation

1. Transfer $50,000 of the carryover from 2005-2006 to the capital improvements budget. This allows R&R to have funds available for the replacement/ improvement of R&R vehicles, equipment needed to maintain and repair roads and recreational facilities, buildings and office equipment.

2. No increase in dues at this time.

B. Water & Sewer Budget Committee

1. After reviewing the proportionate cost sharing between the three W&S accounts, we believe that the Community System (002) account is paying more in payroll expenses than it should. By reallocating these expenses, the Community System (002) account can build stronger budget surpluses through 2008-2009 and set aside much needed capital reserves.

2. Recommend that GVM investigate Money Market funds to increase rate of return on capital reserves. Our accounts were earning about 2.98%. Upon this recommendation we are now earning about 4.0 %.


Marilyn Buhrman talked about the Second Annual BBQ that was held Friday night June 23, 2006. Marilyn passed on to the membership that the Board members paid for the party out of there own pocket, and commented on how much fun everyone had as well as the good positive feeling among neighbors and friends.

Judd Adams stressed the need to obey speed limits in Glacier View and on HWY 74 E., noting the recent fatality on Batterson Hill.

Ruth Pryzgoda discussed drought conditions, and the fact that a wild fire came within a foot of her home. Ruth stated that a cigarette may have started the fire, and stressed the importance of using caution in dry conditions.

Irene Townsly discussed vehicles parking off road and the fact that catalytic converters could cause a fire. Irene suggested posting signs stating keep off or do not park on private property.

Diane Morrison asked the Board about covenant enforcement. Diane talked about parked vehicles and trailers that have not moved, chain link fences, horses on property that is not horse property. Diane suggested that if the Association is not going to enforce covenants then change them. Steve Horsmon presented a spreadsheet that shows ARC complaints and follow up. Steve suggested that the membership notify the office of covenant violations. Diane also talked about the drought, and the fact that Crellin Lake is not going to be stocked, and asked the Board to consider changing Batterson Lake from a catch and release to fishing lake for the season.

Linda Bell talked about the speed limit in Glacier View and reminded the membership about the dust driving causes. She suggested that if there is a huge plume of dust behind your car, you may want to slow down to below the speed limit.


  1. Approval of new policies and procedures in accordance with Senate Bill 100.

Senate Bill 100 requires that each Association R&R and W&S has its own set of procedures on seven specific topics.

The Board members were given copies of the proposed policies two weeks ago, and reviewed proposed policies prior to today’s meeting. Copies are available for the membership to review.

Bob Naftzger, R&R moved to adopt the new policies and procedures. Unanimous-motion passed

Jerry Ryan, W&S moved to adopt the new policies and procedures.

Unanimous-motion passed.


  1. Glacier Gals: Ginny Doft gave the report for the Glacier Gals. She outlined various fund raising activities such as recycling cans, pancake breakfasts, potlucks, reflective signs and bake sales. Ginny discussed the charitable donations the Glacier Gals contributed to: Salvation Army - Kartrina, Humane Society, food for a family at Thanksgiving, food and gift certificates for 3 families at Christmas and donations to Red Feather Lakes Elementary School. The Glacier Gals also donated recreation equipment to Glacier View and rented the tent for the annual BBQ and meeting.
  2. GVM Fire Department: Greg Niswender presented the Report for GVM Fire Department. He discussed training, staff size, area of service, type of service, and equipment. Greg explained that The Glacier View Fire Department is responsible for 58 square miles. In the last two weeks they received 43 calls, with an average response time of 5 to 9 minutes. He explained that the entire department is made up of volunteers with the exception of two part time employees. The Fire Department can always use volunteers in fire fighting and support. Greg also asked the membership to consider putting up the reflective signs as it makes it easier for the Emergency Response Team to find your home.
  3. Ecology Committee: Harry Corwin spoke for the committee and educated the audience on the role of the Ecology Committee. A) The Committee constructed and maintains the Demonstration Garden. B) The Committee constructed the Crellin self-guided Nature Trail. C) The committee contributes ecologically relevant articles to the Glacier Viewpoint. D) The Committee maintains 2 Ecology bulletin boards. E) The committee, along with the R&R Board has worked to control the spread of noxious weeds and mistletoe in our Association. Harry stressed to the membership that if any GVM resident wants to learn more about GVM ecology and wants to help our Association, the Committee would love to have you join our group. Harry turned the presentation over to Judd Adams, the new Chairman of the Ecology Committee. Judd thanked Harry & Judy Corwin and Susan Lamb for the work they have done for the Ecology Committee.
  4. Judd presented the Noxious Weed Management Manual. Judd also invited the membership to a weed festival on July 15, 2006 @ 9:00am – 12:00 pm at the G.V.M., Maintenance Shop. The Ecology Committee and G.V.M. staff are organizing this hands-on workshop in cooperation with the Larimer County Weed Control District. Bring your weeds! We will have Ecology Committee members help identify your weeds. We will provide safety instruction and equipment for you to go home and work on your weeds on July 15.
  5. Fishing Committee: Stan Pryzgoda spoke for the committee: Stan stated that the Fishing Committee’s goal is to improve the habitat for the fish and in turn we will get free fish. Stan discussed "catch and release" policy at Batterson Lake. The committee is going to leave the policy in effect. It has taken four years to educate the community to catch and release. The Committee stocked the lakes with Brown trout as they are heat resistant and the survival rate is a little higher. He also stated that if Crellin Lake gets too low we will transfer the fish to the other lakes.

    Due to the dry conditions, the Annual Fishing Derby may be moved up this year we will keep the public posted on the date.


(count enclosed)
Road and Recreation: Rick Snow – (two year term) and Diana Lustick (one year term) were elected to fill the vacant positions. Bob Naftzger was elected serve another term.
Water and Sewer: Randy Mae was elected to fill a vacant position. Frank Winter and Al Samuelson were elected serve another term. Meeting adjourned at 10:20 p.m.

Road and Recreation Board Appointments:
After brief discussion the Board selected officers as follows:
Bob Naftzger – President
Linda Adams – Vice-President
Rick Snow – Treasurer
Jack Carroll – Secretary
Diana Lustick – Director

Water and Sewer Board Appointments:
After brief discussion the Board selected officers as follows:
Jerry Ryan – President
Randy Mae – Vice-President
Jim Petrie – Treasurer
Frank Winter – Secretary
Al Samuelson – Director